Home Design Process 


From metal homes, barndominiums, to conventional wood-framed homes, Rafter P Construction. is the home builder of choice for those who value quality. All the homes built by us are 100% custom from the ground up. We encourage our customers to be very hands on, incorporating their input into every aspect of their home with our in-house drafting and design team. Through financing and finish out, we walk side by side with our customers during the entire process to ensure they stay stress free and answer all questions regarding scheduling, building, or the general process. We take great pride in our customers trusting us with the construction of their forever homes. If we do not want it in our homes, we don’t put it in yours!

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Step 1
Step 1 – Consultation
Step 1 – Consultation

The consultation consists of our initial customer meeting where we discuss all the details of your home. This can be done in person or in a virtual setting. Our goal in this meeting is to establish the wants and needs of your home, and brainstorm for your floor plan to get all your ideas on paper.

Step 2
Finalize Floor Plan & Budget
Step 2 – Finalize Floor Plan & Budget
Step 2 – Finalize Floor Plan & Budget

Once we have a rough sketch of your floor plan finalized, our team can work up a detailed budget for your home. This can be accomplished through another meeting (in person or virtual), phone calls, or emails. Once your budget and floor plan are finalized, our customers will put a drafting retainer down to start the plans process.

Step 3
Site Visit for Project Infrastructure
Step 3 _ Site Visit for Project Infrastructure
Step 3 _ Site Visit for Project Infrastructure

After our customers have reviewed their budget, we schedule a site visit to map out the project’s infrastructure (i.e. septic location, utilities, driveway, building location, etc.) And shoot grade on the property to establish elevations for our team to work up an accurate number.

Step 4
Design Meeting
Step 4 _ Design Meeting
Step 4 _ Design Meeting

Our drafters start on drafting up the floor plan to the exact specifications of our customers. As soon as the floor plan is approved, we schedule our customers for a design meeting. This design meeting will consist of choosing all your homes finishes and fixtures (i.e. Doors, windows, trim, countertops, flooring, wall texture, colors, etc.). After your design meeting is complete, our drafters will incorporate every detail chosen in the schedules of your architectural plans.

Step 5
Contracts / Funding
Step 5 _ Contracts / Funding
Step 5 _ Contracts / Funding

As soon as your plans are complete and approved by our customer, we send our plans out for bid. After all bids are received back, our team will get to work to provide you a contract that includes all the finishes picked in your design meeting along with numbers sectioned out to back the entire home, so our customers can see what is driving the cost of their home . This way we are working off a number that both us at Rafter P Construction and our customers can feel confident. We typically try to avoid change orders, which is why we include all the details of your home in your plans and your contract.

Step 6
Construction Phase
Step 6 _ Construction Phase
Home Framed

Our project manager and superintendents work closely together with our customers architectural plans and contract to ensure the easiest process we can provide for our customers. They work through all scheduling with our self-performed work as well as subcontractors. With a superintendent assigned to each specific build, we ensure our quality and our Rafter P Construction standards are present in every project.

Step 7
Move In
Step 7 _ Move In
Custom Homes & Barndominiums

At the end of our project after our final clean, our customer and superintendent walk the entire job thoroughly to form a punch list. After the punch list is done, we complete the final grade on the property. The house is all yours! We turn over the keys to our customer and they are ready to move into their luxury barndo.